For the last 10-15 years, the digital environment has grown violently and is developing, businesses realize that if they are not online, they do not exist. The website should have a clearly defined task and audience, be functional, lightweight, responsible, good looking, user-friendly, and last but not least optimized for Google search engine, mobile devices, and other search engines.

Creating a functional web site is the first step to your successful online presence, but you will need also visitors. 


How a website is born:

  • Select the domain name - domain is a letter alternative to the IP address of the site, your domain makes the website easily discoverable on the Internet. The domain may contain the name of your business or part of it or the name of your business. Together, we will choose the most suitable and costly effective domain for your business and we will register it.

  • Select hosting provider- In order for the webpage to be visible, it must be placed on the server - a dedicated computer that stores websites. We will advise you on the most appropriate hosting service tailored to your business plan.

  • Building and publishing the website - The last but most important part of creating your internet presence.

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We build stunning websites and authoritative brands
Our team is specialized in building websites, redesign of websites and digital media strategy.

We help companies process their outdated and complex websites. Thanks to our experience in website development, we allow customers to reduce the common and often catastrophic risks of content migration. 

Our services cover the complete redesign of the website to help you:

  • Creating a new, modern and responsive design;

  • Attract visitors from mobile devices - phones and tablets;

  • Improve and customize the content, increase visitor engagement;

  • Create a functionality that is tailored to your business needs;

  • Troubleshoot user interface errors and low-performance issues;


We believe that the redesign of the site is much more than just graphics designing and repositioning of components. It is also about improving the usability and functionality of the website. Our team of creative designers and marketing specialists updates your website to unlock the true potential of your business. 

Palechka gives you an affordable solution for redesigning your website and building an online presence. We work with clients from all spheres - from non-governmental organizations and foundations to small, medium and large companies. We strive to make a positive change in our clients' lives. And we have fun while we do it! 

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